Season of Love

Season of Love

There's no doubt that love is in the air. It's the time of year of romantic gestures that either makes you excited or make you dread. Often when we think of love, it is a matter of heart or mind. But not only is that so, love is also a matter of the body. It is scientifically proven that love can play a big factor in your overall health.  The whole world has got love on the brain at this time of year. Is this a good thing, or is this a bad thing? Here are some ways that love affect your body.

Love at First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? This debate has gone on for many years. While there have been many cases of "love at first sight", for a while none of them could be proven to be true. How could you fall in love with a stranger you have just met for the first time, you don't even know them right? Science says wrong. Some researchers say that by looking at someone for only one-fifth of a second, you can actually fall in love due to a sudden increase in a particular protein in your body called the “nerve growth factor”.


Those butterflies you feel in your stomach are obviously not actual butterflies. This sensation is a result of a sudden release of chemicals due to your fight or flight response. It turns out that love triggers the receptor in your brain responsible for pain and pleasure in your abdominal region. If you're suddenly threatened or excited, you get a rush of adrenaline causing this reaction.

Love & Health

As you open yourself up to new relationships you open the door for new connections. From the love you have for your favorite cousin, to the love you share with your spouse, though the connections are very different, they are all there and only strengthened with time. As your relationships grow, so does your connection to that person. This connection can start as knowing what he/she likes and dislikes without asking or finishing each other sentences and bloom into truly acting as one. A couple's breathing patterns and heart rates can match up after sitting close to each other. They don't even have to be holding hands or talking for this to happen. Love is proven to lower blood pressure and decrease stress levels. In 2007 a scientific study found that happily married couples on average had lower blood pressure levels than unmarried people, while unhappily married couples had higher blood pressure than both groups. It’s crazy how an emotional connection actually affects your physical heart. While you’re working to take care of your heart, take care of the hearts of your loved ones as well!

Reasons we love what we do

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1) The hours

There aren’t many professions with such flexible hours—from the 8 hour shifts, the 3 or 5 days a week shifts, PRN shifts, 12 hour shifts day or night, office hours, etc.—we nurses have a lot to choose from. This makes our lives outside of work that much more manageable. Being an independent contractor with an agency gives me so much more flexibility. As a stay at home parent it is important for me to have control over my schedule, working with an agency allows me to create my own schedule and be home for dinner every night. I have the ability to control my schedule and cherish those moments that will last a lifetime- all while still advancing in my career. Nursing with an agency is great for all nurses including retirees, working parents, new grads, every nurse! There’s no commitment so it really is your work on your time.

2) The knowledge

One of the coolest things about being a nurse is all the stuff crammed into my cranium. It’s insane. I know how to intervene in saving a live! The medical field is always changing, evolving, and progressing, and it’s pretty exciting to be along for the ride. There is a real satisfaction that comes from knowing why something happens in the body and what I can do to help improve outcomes. Knowledge is power, and nursing know-how is the ultimate high.

3) My Patients

Yes, the reason I work is ultimately all about serving my patients. If all of the above stuff disappeared, I would still work hard to serve my patients. Without them, I wouldn’t have a profession that I am growing to love. Every day I come in contact with many faces, all looking for me to save them. But really, they are the ones that save me. Seeing their progress, seeing the miracles, even seeing the love that family members show to their loved ones, it really warms my heart. They are my inspiration. I remember a patient told me “I don’t know what I’d do without you” but really, the question is what I would do without them. They are the ones that inspire me, the drive to my passion. They are the reason that every day is a good day because I can care for the ones who need it the most. Each patient has a special impact on my life as I strive to make an impact in theirs.

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