Say Goodbye to 2016 and Hello to the New You!

Say Goodbye to 2016 and Hello to the New You!

Happy New Year! The clock strikes 12 on December 31st, and we hear people everywhere throwing out the saying "New Year, New Me". While a new year brings new opportunities and new memories, it also brings new struggles and obstacles to overcome. In 2017, don’t strive to become a "new you", instead strive to become a better version of the original copy. Leave behind all negativity, bad habits, and everything holding you back from reaching your goals. Your goals can be achieved in 2017.

Achieve Your Goals

We set goals of all types each and every day, whether big or small we set them with one idea in mind- an idea of a better self. Whether that self be thinner, more efficient, or more financially stable, we do this because we want to become better versions of ourselves. Behind each goal is a reason to accomplish these things, fueled by a desire to accomplish. When you pair that fuel with commitment, you are unstoppable. Here are some tips to help you achieve any goal in 2017.

See Your Goal

Thinking about what you want to achieve is great, but seeing it makes you want it even more. For all the visual learners out there, "Vision Boards" are a wonderful way to clarify, visualize, and focus on your specific goals. Vision boards consist of pictures that help to motivate the creator to reach their goals. Do you want to advance your career? Post pictures of someone with your dream job. Do you want to be a better cook? Post pictures of some meals you would like to create. Place all of the things you want directly in your eyesight to motivate you to work for them even harder.

Share Your Goal

When you share your goals with close family or friends, not only is it a vocal confirmation for yourself, but it also introduces a sense of accountability between you and the person you share your goal with. After you've shared your goal with someone else, they expect you to achieve it, so there will always be an external responsibility between you and that person. This will spark an internal drive to not let them down. True, it may be uncomfortable to share your setbacks, but sharing your successes will encourage you to want to work even harder to make them proud, making it all worthwhile.

Create Milestones

Many times when we see the big picture, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. Some goals may even seem like made up fantasies because they are so out of reach at the moment. Any type of change can be overwhelming, so it is important to make small manageable changes to reach your goal. When talking about the road to your goals, a common saying comes to mind "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." When the question of "How do you reach your goals?" comes to mind, remind yourself that it is all attainable one step at a time. Steve Jobs was not the creator and innovator of one of the greatest new branches of technology overnight, he took things one step at a time. Bill Gates did not become one of the richest people on earth in one day; he made his money $1 at a time. Likewise on your journey to success, you must take things one step at a time. Sooner than you think, you will be looking back at how far you have come, all the while taking things one step at a time.

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