Night Shift Survival Tips and Tricks

Night Shift Survival Tips and Tricks

The creeps come out at night, and it's your job to nurse them back to health. Surviving those long night shifts are no piece of cake. It's hard enough waking up for work when you've had a night's full of rest, but it's not so easy  working with little to no rest in the middle of the night. As a nurse you are expected to be at your prime potential 24/7, here are some tips and tricks to keep your body energized at any time, so you can be ready for whatever comes your way during the night shift.

Get Some Sleep!

It may be a little difficult to sleep when the world around you is on the go, but it is essential to get some rest. Enhance your sleeping environment by sleeping with an eye mask. Eye masks promote the stages of REM sleep,which will help your body become more recharged and refresh for the next assignment. During the Rapid Eye Movement sleep stage, though you are unaware, your eyes make random movements and there is a low muscle tone throughout the body. Your brain can only be strengthened if you get the rest that you need. REM sleep is essential for cognitive function, so to make sure that both your body and your brain are ready for the next shift, get some good rest!

Limit Your Caffeine

Caffeine is great for giving you the energy you need, but sometimes caffeine can keep you up a little too well. Though you may physically feel like the caffeine has worn off, it can stay in your system for up to 6 hours, and while you may feel tired physically, your brain will still be on go because of the coke you drank 6 hours ago, making it more difficult to stay awake at night. Try to stop drinking caffeine 6 hours before time for bed so that all of the effects of the caffeine would have worn off and there will be nothing holding you back from getting the rest that you so deserve.

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Exercise to Stay Alert

Exercise! Something that we all know and love and dread. It may not be all of our favorite thing to do, but it really is great for your health mentally and physically and it could also help you to get some relief emotionally. There's nothing like a short run to get your blood pumping and blow off some steam. Exercise, however, does not always have to be running and push-ups. A few nice yoga stretches would be great at helping your body to wind down from a long day and allowing you to rest peacefully as your tight muscles are put at ease.

Keep your Metabolism Going with Healthy Snacks

Thanksgiving meals are just around the corner and all you can think about are those big family feasts. Diets and healthy eating can be especially difficult during this time with all the unhealthy indulgences and food around. Eating big meals can make you drowsier than ever, so try to stick with several small snacks. Keeping small snacks in reaching distance to help to fight those hunger pains while fighting temptation. Instead of packing large meals to eat at lunch, pack several small snacks. Pack snacks like fruits, vegetables, and nuts to hold you over and keep your metabolism pumping, giving yo the energy to withstand your shift.

When All Else Fails Use Cold Water

Sometimes all you need is a splash of cold water to refresh you, and give you the extra kick you need. The quick splash can energize you even more than a cup of coffee. Cold water is great to put on your face, but it is even better at getting and keeping you hydrated. Being dehydrated can lead to weakness and fatigue, and while you don't have to drink hundreds of ounces of water a day, you need to drink to maintain healthy hydration and energy levels.