Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2019 - RaShoda Robinson

Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2019 - RaShoda Robinson

I have been employed with Lighthouse Nursing Agency for 1 year. I am a Recruiting Specialist but I also assist the Staffing Department.

I enjoy working at LNA because it is like family. My co-workers are like sisters I never had.

My best advice is to always put God first in everything you do. And treat others how you would want to be treated is the rule of thumb I follow every day.

I love to spend time with my family on my days off.

I could not live without my family.

I love to write poetry and draw or make crafts.

Fun facts about me; I love to dance! Summer is my favorite season and even though I cannot sing, music is a joy to my soul.

“Rashoda helps both Recruiting and Staffing. She is always helpful and professional.”

“She provides her service in two departments. Rashoda is always helping and doing her job with compassion, no one has to ask her to do, and she knows what to do.”

“Shows professionalism, kindness and willingness to help.”

“Rashoda take initiative and does a role between two departments with no problem. Forever grateful for her help!”

“Thank you so much RVR for continuing to be flexible and dedicated.”