12 Hacks That Every Nurse Needs

12 Hacks That Every Nurse Needs

It’s no secret that a profession in the medical field is not a piece of cake, here’s a few tips to make your job a little easier.

1.Use Triple gloves for Code Brown.
Code Brown is no fun for anyone. To save yourself from all the mess, try triple gloving. This protects your hands from contact with your patient’s feces or any other bodily fluids. Strip the first pair and work with your second pair of gloves when putting on his new diaper. Take the second pair off and use the remaining pair of gloves on your hands in placing a fresh sheet on his bed and in disposing of waste. This trick doesn’t only save time, but it also limits the chances of your bare hands getting in contact directly with your client’s excretions.

2.Use Coffee Grounds to absorb unwanted odors.
Can’t get rid of that odor from your patient’s bedpan or emesis basin? Use grounded coffee to absorb the nasty smell. This trick works just as well in hospital rooms. Put a small pot of grounded coffee beans at the center of the room to dispel bad odors.

3.Put a warm washcloth over area of IV insertion.
When starting an IV line, it helps to put a warm washcloth over the preferred site of insertion. This will help dilate blood vessels so you can pick a good vein for an IV line.

4.Use hydrogen peroxide for blood stains.
Get those stains out! Use Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of any tract of blood stains.

5.Put an examination glove over your stethoscope.
For contact precautions, put an examination glove over the stethoscope you are using. After every usage, just remove the gloves and discard. Gloves are thin enough to hear sensitive sounds through the stethoscope’s diaphragm but thick enough to prevent the risk of infection transmission between patients.

6.For confused patients
All patients are not calm and collected, some patients have even been through some serious trama. Instead of using restraints on disoriented patients, distract them. Give them a pile of towels or washcloths to fold. This gives them a sense of purpose so they can remain calm and occupied during their stay.

7.Use cloth or gauze for IV insertion on hairy skin.
When inserting IV lines becomes difficult because of the patient having hairy arms, use a piece of cloth or gauze as a skin barrier, then apply the tourniquet. This will reduce pain and friction between the tourniquet and the patient’s hairy arm.

8.If you can’t pick up an O2 Sat reading
Can’t get the reading on the finger? Try an earlobe or a toe. O2 Saturation readings can be skewed due to cold hands or thick nails. Attaching the probe to a toe or to an earlobe will give you the ideal access point.

9.Whenever patients are nervous about a needle stick
Distract the patient! Kids are easily distracted if you tell them a joke, or have them read the book. The majority of the pain you feel is all in your head, so if you take the patient’s mind off the pain, it will diminish tremendously. If they feel uncomfortable about talking or reading, you can also ask them to wiggle their toes or draw with their pinky finger.

10.When doing a minor bedside procedure
Most of the time the patient’s family members are just as nervous about the procedure as the patient is. Give an anxious family member something to do. Simple tasks like holding the patient’s hands or helping you secure equipment will keep them from interrupting what you are doing. While family members can be difficult, the well-being of our patient is their priority, just like your’s.

11.For persistent nausea and vomiting
Place an ice pack behind the ears can offer immediate relief. If the patient can’t tolerate the temperature of an ice pack, a use ice cubes rolled in a towel instead.

12.Contacts hurting or dry at work?
Grab a flush and irrigate your eye. It is almost identical to your solution at home, minus some of the extra ingredients. This will help to keep the contacts overnight.


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