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Perry Business Created to Meet Nursing Shortage Needs Now in its 20th Year

Lighthouse Nursing Agency Staffs Hundreds of Facilities Throughout State of Georgia

Lighthouse Nursing Agency, a family-owned business headquartered in Perry, Georgia, announces 20 years as an agency created to meet the needs of the nursing shortage.

Lighthouse Nursing Agency was established in 2002 by founder Ron Dailey. His vision was to meet the growing demands of a nursing shortage by providing contracted nursing staff solutions to hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities.

Twenty years ago, Lighthouse Nursing started with one contract and five nurses. Today, the Agency is the leading medical professional supplier in Georgia that effectively meets the needs for nurses in all areas of the practice. Lighthouse currently contracts with 435 facilities and has 650 nurses within its agency staffing hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, mental health facilities, doctors’ offices, correctional facilities, assisted living facilities, occupational health providers, surgery centers and dialysis centers.

Lighthouse Nursing continues to expand to meet the state’s growing demand for nurses. In August of 2021, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Georgia’s nursing shortage was “a crisis, one whose effects may be felt for years to come.” The article also reported that Georgia is “a state that already had one of the nation’s lowest ratios of nurses to population . . .”

The agency works throughout Georgia, with its headquarters in Perry. It also remains a family business with Dailey’s daughter Lindsey Hayes now serving as the company’s President.

“Twenty years ago, the concept of a nursing agency wasn’t widely accepted or known. Today, Lighthouse is the trusted solution to medical field staffing,” said Hayes. “We created a personal, caring solution to a nursing shortage. Our agency has grown to meet that ever-increasing demand, so patients receive the care they deserve.”

Lighthouse Nursing Agency also serves as a flexible career opportunity for medical professionals, offering competitive pay and limitless nursing assignments, providing opportunities for nurses to work in a variety of medical fields and enhancing the attraction and retention of the workforce.

“I am proud of the work our staff and contract nurses provide – especially during the historic demands of COVID-19 – and continue to provide to the people and communities we serve,” said Hayes. “I want people to know that this isn’t just a business service. This is a mission for us. We’re here because we care.”

A Beacon of Hope

Lighthouse Nursing Agency Inc. was founded in May of 2002 by Ron Dailey, and we recognize quality nurses and other health care professionals are the vital components in running a successful health-care facility.

We are based in Perry, Georgia, and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure we provide the best service possible.

We understand the importance of filling immediate assignments and are willing to work around the clock to ensure all of our clients have their staffing needs met.

Lighthouse Nursing Agency can supply your facility with access to a variety of healthcare professionals with a wide range of certifications and specialties...

How can we help you?

If  you would like more information about joining our team as a medical professional, or would like more information about receiving staffing solutions for your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us.